About Centrecoat Cleaners & Restorers

Centrecoat produce a wide range of proven quality cleaners or restorers for specific substrates. Promain distribute Centrecoat wooden decking cleaners, graffiti removers, roof cleaners and rust removers. Promain also distribute Centrecoat's high quality R104 Strong Adhesive Remover and Paint Stripper - an effective paint remover as strong as ones produced in the past!

Internally, Centrecoat have Hard Surface and Worktop Countertop Cleaner.

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There are thousands of exterior materials found in domestic and commercial areas. In response to this, Promain distribute a full range of powerful cleaners and degreasers:

If you have any questions in regards which cleaner or restorer you require, please contact our technical team on 01462 421333 where they will be glad to help.