Classidur Modern Plus

SKU id9894 Non Hazardous
Interior stain blocking matt solvent based paint for use on chalking materials, distemper, whitewash, and substrates stained with nicotine, soot or dried water.
Available in 4 Litres in White
£54.21 (£65.05 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Classidur Modern Plus is a solvent based stain-blocking coating for interior use offering exceptional covering power.

Classidur Modern Plus has been specifically developed as a stain-blocking coating for interior use, offering exceptional covering qualities and abrasion resistance.

Best Uses

Classidur Modern Plus can be applied without an undercoat, primer or sealer of any sort, directly onto dry and sound substrates and is highly suited for covering up soot, nicotine and dry water stains found internally on walls and ceilings.


Classidur Modern Plus can be applied using brush or roller for a touch dry time of 2 hours approximately, at 20°C. Classidur Modern Plus has high covering power and is highly suited for direct application to a number of surfaces however when applied to a stained surface may be overcoated only with Modern Plus.

Surface and Environment

Classidur Modern Plus has been designed for application to a variety of surfaces, including, concrete, plaster,mortar, chalking materials, distemper, whitewash and surfaces that have been stained. Once dry, Classidur Modern Plus offers excellent high abrasion resistance and rapid hardening