Monti MBX Metal Blaster

SKU id18399 Non Hazardous
For the effective removal of rust, underbody coatings, old paint, bonded sealants and tape.
Available as Pneumatic or Electric
£350.00 (£420.00 Inc VAT)
£350.00 (£420.00 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Monti MBX Metal Blaster has a patented technology that was especially developed for applications in car repair shops. The MBX Metal Blaster Pneumatic was included among the winners in the "Top 20 Tools Award" sponsored by the US speciality publication "Motor Magazine".

Best Uses

The Indasa MBX System is best used to help produce a clean surface finish for painting, by removing rust, paint, and tape etc. It was especially developed for applications in car repair shops, as it can easily remove undercoating and rust - even in hard to reach areas.

The tool will easily remove paint- especially in contour and edge areas, remove seal or gaskets on grey cast iron, clean weld seams and threads without damaging the metal surface.


Depending on the application and the surface / material to be treated, we are able to offer MBX belts of different colours and materials.

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