About Rustoleum Wall Paint

Exterior walls are often the first part of a building that people notice, keeping them looking fresh is an important part of maintaining a home or commercial building. Wall paint have two jobs the first being aesthetic which is the reason that Rustoleum produce their exterior masonry wall paints as tintable bases. At Promain we are able to tint wall paints such as Murfill, Murfill Waterproofing or Paracem on our in house ColourShop tinting system to offer over 30,000 shades.

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These water based paints offer either a matt finish or a satin finish, the satin finish of Murfill Waterproofing is extremely durable and has been formulated to protect masonry from the harshest conditions and environments. In fact Murfill is now specified by Trinity House for application to Light Houses that are subject to not only driving rain but salt water also.

The other function of a wall coating is to protect the structure of a building not only from rain, snow and the wind but many older buildings, built before the 1960’s do not have damp proof courses (DPC) this is a plastic or bitumen membrane to stop damp rising from the rising up the brickwork of the wall, this moisture can become trapped in the wall if a quality, micro-porous masonry paint is not applied to the exterior face of the wall. If this moisture is not allowed to escape through the paint and evaporate into the atmosphere it will cause damp not only inside the building but could easily cause damage to the construction of the wall especially if there is timber in the wall.  

Rustoleum have formulated a clear non-silicon sealer called Super Secco for brickwork that has not been rendered that penetrates into the bricks stopping moisture from penetrating the brickwork. During the winter any moisture in the brickwork will freeze and expand causing the bricks to split and crack. Super Secco is a polysiloxane solvent-based coating and unlike silicon water proofers will last many times longer as they offer much greater adhesion to the substrate making an ideal product for buildings or structures that surfer harsh extreme weather conditions.