Copon now Scotchkote

One of the great success stories in the paint and coating industry was E Wood Ltd. Founded over 100 years ago, based in Northallerton, E Wood built their reputation for inventive coatings on brands such as Copon, Thortex and Thistlebond. Un-known to most people, E Wood played a vital roll in offering wet applied paints and coatings to many sectors, sectors such as the water industry, oil, gas and power industries, as well as road infrastructure, marine and the long term protection of buildings. Copon soon became the industry standard for the protection of trains and other rolling stock on UK and international railways, as well as offering protection to station buildings. The unparalleled range of waterborne and solvent free paint coatings were extensively tested for smoke and spread of flame Network Rail RT98 Accreditation, a requirement that has become of utmost importance for London Underground following the Kings Cross fire disaster.

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