Mapei Mapefloor Maintenance Kit

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Contains a range of products that are essential for carrying out periodic maintenance and cleaning of the floors.
Available in 20 Kg Kits
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Product Description

Please note, this product has a 3 - 4 week leadtime to delivery.

Mapefloor Maintenance Kit contains a range of products that are essential for carrying out periodic maintenance and cleaning of the floors, to guarantee their performance characteristics and attractive appearance.

Best Uses

Mapefloor Maintenance Kit is ideal for the maintenance of resin floors made using Mapefloor System inside environments for civil, public and industrial use.
Maintenance of protective films on decorative floors made using Ultratop, including those mixed with Dynastone Color or natural aggregates, in environments for civil use such as showrooms, shops and apartments.

Mapefloor Maintenance Kit Contains

  • Mapelux Lucida high-resistance, cross bond metallic wax for protecting floors subject to particularly intense traffic.
  • Mapefloor Wax Remover multi-action, low-foaming wax-removal detergent for the removal of old wax films, including the cross bond metallic type, such as Mapelux.

Mapelux Lucida

Mapelux Lucida is a shiny, metal-filled wax characterised by its high resistance to traffic and frequent cleaning, even if strong detergents are used.

Mapefloor Wax Remover

Mapefloor Wax Remover is a multi-action, low-foaming wax-removal detergent for deep-down cleaning and removal of all types of metallic wax. It is particularly suitable for removing old films of cross bond metallic wax, such as Mapelux Lucida/Mapelux Opaca.

Mapefloor Cleaner ED

Mapefloor Cleaner ED is a concentrated water-soluble product made of a special mixture of surfactant, low-foaming components, for cleaning greasy stains from washable surfaces and floors subject to heavy traffic. The action of the surfactant components is completed by the solvent and deodorising action of the terpinolene contained in the product. The product contains a minimum of 90% of bio-degradable surfactant components.