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Product Description

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Mapei Aquaflex Roof Plus is a ready-to-use, high-elasticity, quick-drying, UV-resistant liquid waterproofing membrane for waterproofing flat, sloping, curved, and complex shape roofs. Also suitable for new flat roofs and repairs to existing flat roofs.

When dry, Aquaflex Roof Plus forms a seamless membrane that can extend more than 350% and is resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays, guaranteeing a long service life for the substrate. Aquaflex Roof Plus adheres strongly to numerous types of substrate and, thanks to its high elasticity, is compatible for roof structures exposed to normal dynamic stresses. Due to its special formula, Aquaflex Roof Plus has excellent mechanical properties that remain stable over the years.

Best Uses

Aquaflex Roof Plus HR is a special version of the standard Aquaflex Roof that has been specifically formulated to offer high values of reflectance and thermal emissivity and a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 107. Aquaflex Roof Plus HR may be used to create “Cool Roofs”, or light coloured roofs that reduce the “heat island” effect, as well as considerably reduce the working temperature of the actual roof. In so doing, living comfort inside buildings is significantly improved. Aquaflex Roof Plus HR complies with LEED SS Credit 7.2 “Heat Island Effect” as part of the USGBC LEED classification system.

Aquaflex Roof Plus may be applied on concrete, cementitious screeds or screeds made from special binders (Topcem or Topcem Pronto), ceramic and stone, fibre-cement slabs, old bitumen membranes, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminium, steel and iron.

  • More elastic than traditional acrylic waterproofing membranes
  • Quick drying
  • Supplied ready-to-use: easy to apply due to its special consistency and high stretching capacity
  • Durability class: 5, 10 and 15 years
  • CE marking in compliance with EN 1504-2
  • Zero VOC content

Aquaflex Roof Plus is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray on horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces. The product dries very quickly and several coats may be
applied in a very short space of time to reduce site waiting times to a minimum. Aquaflex Roof Plus also has a special solvent-free finishing cycle incorporating
Mapecoat TNS Urban and Mapecoat TNS Protection so that roofs may be accessible to foot traffic.


All substrates, whether new or old, must be solid, clean, dry and free of all traces of oil, grease, old paint, rust, mould and any other material which could affect adhesion. Remove all loose parts from concrete and mineral-based substrates. Repair any hollows in the surface with Mapeslope. Prime the surface with a coat of Aquaflex Roof Plus diluted with 10% water. All wax, water-repellent treatments, etc. must be removed from the surface of ceramic substrates with a suitable detergent and/or by sanding. Fill any gaps between ceramic floor tiles with Adesilex P4 before applying Aquaflex Roof Plus. On non-absorbent ceramic substrates, apply Eco Prim Grip synthetic acrylic resin adhesion promoter with silica aggregates. For all other types of substrate, prime the surface with a coat Aquaflex Roof Plus diluted with 10% water.

When applied on old bitumen membranes, carefully hydro-blast the surface, wait until the water has drained off and prime the surface with Primer for Aquaflex synthetic resin-based primer in solvent solution. When applying the product on metal substrates, thoroughly clean the surface and apply a coat of Eco Prim Grip primer.

Before applying Aquaflex Roof Plus, pay particular attention to expansion joints and fillets between horizontal and vertical surfaces, which must be waterproofed
with Mapeband Easy, rubber tape sandwiched between two layers of non-woven fabric, or self-adhesive butyl rubber tape or by bonding Mapetex 50 (h 20) to
the substrate with Aquaflex Roof Plus. Structural joints must be waterproofed with Mapeband TPE bonded in place with Adesilex PG4. Use a suitable kit from the
Drain range to seal any drains.

The product is supplied ready-to-use, but mixing before use is recommended so that it is perfectly blended. After preparing and priming the substrate, apply Aquaflex Roof Plus with a longpiled roller, brush or by airless spray. Apply at least two coats of Aquaflex Roof Plus to form an even layer. Apply each coat cross-ways with respect to the previous coat. Various stratigraphic layouts with increasing durability may be obtained by applying Aquaflex Roof Plus in different thicknesses and at different consumption rates; refer to the relevant table for further information.

If there are micro-cracks in the substrate, and around overlaps in bitumen membranes or for systems in durability classes 10 or 15 years, incorporate Mapetex 50 non-woven polypropylene fabric between the various layers of Aquaflex Roof Plus as specified. Spread a generous coat of product on the substrate, and while gradually applying the product, immediately lay the Mapetex 50 and go over the surface with a flat spreader or spiked roller to ensure it is perfectly wetted. When this layer is completely dry apply the next coat of Aquaflex Roof Plus, to cover completely Aquaflex Roof Plus.

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