Mapei Colorite Beton

Non Hazardous
A semi-transparent clear or tinted anti-carbonation stain.
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Product Description

Mapei Colorite Beton is a water-based semi-transparent anti carbonation paint for Exterior Walls Insulation Systems, made up of non-saponifiable, pure acrylic resin in water dispersion.

Best Uses

Mapei Colorite Beton is suitable for painting concrete structures, reinforced concrete and general cementitious surfaces with a coat of semi-transparent paint, leaving the "form-work" or "natural" finish of the piece visible and homogenising the colour. The special formulation of the product makes it particularly suitable for protecting surfaces against damage caused by CO2, SO2 and sunlight. The long- lasting, durable protection is also guaranteed by the product's good repellence to water and its moderate permeability to vapour.

Colorite Beton is a semi-transparent paint for external and internal walls, made up of non-saponifiable, pure acrylic resin in water dispersion providing a smooth finish for internal and external surfaces and is also suitable for use on EWI Exterior Wall Insulation applications.

Colorite Beton protects cementitious substrates against damage caused by CO2 (carbonation) and SO2. Colours from the colour chart range or other colours using the ColorMap automatic colouring system.

Mapei Colorite Beton is resistant to all climatic conditions and the aggressive attack of smog, salt and sunlight, and provides a long-lasting protective coat for the substrate. Colorite Beton protects the substrate and leaves an attractive finish which evens out the colour without hiding the surface structure.


Consumption is heavily influenced by the absorption and roughness of the substrate, and according to the application technique used. Under normal conditions, consumption is generally 0.25-0.3 kg/m2 (for two coats of the product).

Technical Details


  • Anti-Carbonation Paint
  • A smooth finish for internal and external surfaces
  • Non-saponifiable
  • Pure acrylic resin
  • Resistant to salt and sunlight

Technical Info

Components: One Part
Type: Water Based
Finish: Smooth
Stock Colours: Semi Transparent
Tintable: Yes, to most RAL or British Standard codes. Please note, bespoke tints are non refundable / exchangeable
VOC Content: <15g/l
Volume Solids: 59%
Suitable Substrates: For concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces
Application Method: Brush, Roller, Air Atomised Spray or Airless Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 0.25 - 0.3 Kg per m2 for two coats
Wet Film Thickness (WFT):  
Dry Film Thickness (DFT):  
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: -
Touch Dry:  
Overcoatable: Minimum of 24 hours at 20°C in normal humidity and temperature conditions, and always with a completely dry substrate
Fully Cured:  
Cleaner / Thinner: Water
Shelf Life: 24 months if stored in a dry place away from sources of heat and at a temperature of between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from frost.
Packaging: Available in 20 Kg

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