Mapei Mapecoat i 24

SKU id10290 Part B UN2735 (Class 8, Pk Grp: III)
Two-component epoxy paint for anti-acid coating of concrete surfaces.
Available in 5 Litres
£85.33 (£102.40 Inc VAT)
£85.33 (£102.40 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Mapei Mapecoat I 24 is a two-component epoxy-resin based paint coating formulated to protect concrete surfaces from aggressive attack by acids, alkalis, salts, oils and solvents.

Mapecoat I 24 is an excellent protective coating for concrete surfaces such as floors, reservoirs and concrete pipes, resisting the aggressive action of acids, alkalis, salts, oils, hydrocarbons and solvents. After applying two coats of Mapecoat I 24 paint to flooring it is ready for light foot traffic after 24 hours.

Best Uses

Mapecoat I 24 can be used to protect purification tanks, sewage pipes, exhaust tanks for oil and hydrocarbons and industrial floors from chemicals.


Mapecoat I 24 can be applied by paint brush, roller or airless sprayer to a thoroughly clean, dry, solid substrate. Two coats are recommended.