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This product is now only available via sale of Mapei's Mapefloor Maintenance Kit - id10276.

Product Description

This product is now only available through purchasing Mapei's Mapefloor Maintenance Kit.

Mapei Mapefloor Cleaner ED has been developed as a concentrated water-soluble cleaner produced from a blend of surfactant, low-foaming chemicals and contains a minimum of 90% of bio-degradable surfactant components.

Mapei Mapefloor Cleaner ED is suitable for applications where a strong detergent is required on surfaces which are not subject to damage by water.
 Mapefloor Cleaner ED has been specially developed for cleaning resin floors, such as the Mapefloor System, and leaves a clean, shiny finish on the floor surface.

Mapei Mapefloor Cleaner ED has beed formulated to aid cleaning greasy stains from most washable surfaces especially floors that are subject to heavy foot and mechanical traffic. The action of the surfactant components is completed by the solvent and deodorising action of the terpinolene contained in Mapefloor Cleaner.

Mapeifloor Cleaner can be used by hand or by means of mechanical cleaning. Use Mapefloor Cleaner ED at a concentration from 1 to 3% (100-300 g in 10 litres of water). Ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 Less than 5% soap, non ionic surfactants, EDTA and salts, phosphates, parfumes (D-Limonene), preservation agents (mixing of 5-chlore-2-methyl-2H-isotiazol-3-one and methyl-2H-isotiazol-3-one (3:1).

Application examples

  • Cleaning treatment for resin floors made using the Mapefloor System internal environment for civil, public and industrial use.
  • Cleaning treatment for protective films on decorative floors made using Ultratop, including those mixed with natural aggregates and in environments for civil and commercial use such as showrooms, shops and retail applications.

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