Mapei Silancolor Tonachino, 20 Kg

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A water repellent, high filling siloxane plaster for external and internal use, to provide rustic effect to walls.
Available in 20 Kg. Also available in RAL and BS Colours
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*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£65.58 (£78.70 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Please note, the 2.0mm grain size product has a lead time of 3 weeks. For further information, check with our sales team.

Mapei Silancolor Tonachino is a water repellent, high filling siloxane plaster for external and internal use, to provide rustic effect to walls.

Best Uses

Mapei Silancolor Tonachino is a silicone resin based plaster in paste form available in different grain sizes for “rustic” effect exterior finishings, suitable for walls requiring attractive finishing, excellent water-repellence and vapour permeability. Decoration of cement or lime based renders.Mapei Silancolor Tonachino is ideal for the decoration of Mape-Antique-based renders, decoration of dehumidifying renders, and the coating of existing paint (after a preventive trial).


New surfaces to be treated or any renovation with repair mortars must be cured, perfectly clean, well bonded and dry. Completely remove any traces of oils or grease from the surfaces and any loose particles. Seal cracks and repair damaged parts. Seal pores and level any uneven parts of the substrate with mortars and finishing compounds from the MAPEI Building line. Apply Silancolor Primer (ready-to-use) or Silancolor Base Coat. After 12-24 hours apply Silancolor Tonachino. To make it easier to apply 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm grain size Silancolor Tonachino and to improve its covering properties, Silancolor Primer may be applied after diluting it with 30-50% of Silancolor Paint of the same colour of Silancolor Tonachino, or with a similar coloured coat of Silancolor Base Coat.

Painted surfaces must be clean and well bonded to the substrate. If the paint is very old and/or porous, apply Silancolor Primer or Silancolor Base Coat. If the paint is well bonded and not very porous, apply Silancolor Tonachino directly.

Silancolor Tonachino is ready-to-use, but must first be stirred thoroughly with a low speed mixing drill. If the product is too viscous, add 1-2% of water

Apply Silancolor Tonachino with a stainless or plastic trowel on the dried Silancolor Primer or Silancolor Base Coat. The protection cycle requires one coat of Silancolor Tonachino. If a more even finish is required, apply a smoothing layer followed by a second layer after 24 hours. In both cases make sure the product is evenly distributed using a wet plastic float for an even effect or a wet sponge depending on the desired effect. A number of effects may be obtained using Silancolor Tonachino (such as, brushed finish, bass-relief finish, etc.) as illustrated in the “MAPEI colours in design” pamphlet.

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