Vapour Blasting Machine CW50 Eco 50 Litre

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Portable yet powerful wet abrasive blasters that ideal for the removal of all types of residue, paint, rust, asbestos, Artex and graffiti from a number of substrates.

Product Description

Currently unavailable - new model due April 2019. Contact us for further details.

Vapour Blasting Machine CW50 Eco is a 50 litre portable yet powerful wet abrasive blaster that ideal for the removal of all types of residue, paint, rust, asbestos, Artex and graffiti from a number of substrates.

We can provide a bespoke package to suit your requirements. Please contact us for further details. 

Introducing Vapour Blasting Machine CW50 Eco for Wet Abrasive Blasting

Fully compliant with all relevant international standards, the CW50 has been successfully deployed across the global oil and gas sector. Safe and efficient, adaptable and reliable. The CW50 Eco form a key part of the R&M toolkit for the oil and gas industry. The CW50 have been widely deployed on many prestigious projects to restore public and private monuments and building façades. The CW50 gentle cleaning action restores stone and brickwork to its pristine glory without damaging the original surface.

The CW50 System's abrasive blasting systems efficiently clean and repair various metal and wood surfaces. The flexible nature of the systems allows for precise and specific finish requirements to be achieved, regardless of the surface condition or source material. It efficiently remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces including natural stone, brickwork and metal to restore surfaces to their original state.

Best Uses

The CW50 Eco System machine is small enough to be moved around with relative ease but powerful enough to remove all types of residue, paint and layers of rust, asbestos, Artex and graffiti.

This advanced cleaning system is ideal for the repair and maintenance of ships and boats of all sizes and types. Quick and reliable, The CW50 is used by Highways Contractors and Local Authorities for road-marking removals and bridge and infrastructure maintenance and repair. All road markings are removed without damaging the road surface and without environmentally-damaging smoke and fumes.

Many leading asbestos contractors use BM60 Eco wet abrasive blaster as the machine of choice, because of power, efficiency and reliability coupled to an environmentally superior solution.

A range of different accessories including blasting medium, such as garnet, copper, ground glass and calcium carbonate are available. We can also supply various blasting lances, hoses and nozzles for super fine blasting and enhanced performance on large areas. These are all available from Promain upon request to make vapour blasting projects easier and quicker.

This CW50 Eco dustless blasting machine is ideal for:

  • Oil rig and pipeline cleaning
  • Asbestos and Artex removal
  • Building and monument restoration
  • White and yellow line marking removal
  • Surface preparation and cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Ship, Boat and Marine vessel maintainance
  • Car bodywork refurbishment

Vapour Blasting Machines are ideal for the removal of rust and existing paint coatings prior to the application of new systems. It may be possible to arrange a site visit to your premises for training purposes. Please contact us for further information.

The CW50 Eco will give more than an hour trouble free blasting before the tank will need re filling.