*Owatrol Spacenett

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for an alternative.

Owatrol Spacenett is a high performance, water based, professional cleaner designed for use on all varnished and oiled floors as well as vinyl and linoleum floors. Owatrol Spacenett works to rejuvenate the flooring with a quick and easy process.

Best Uses

Owatrol Spacenett is best used for removing all types of dirt, grease, wax, polish and build up of common debris and residue. Owatrol Spacenett is extremely economical to use and is odourless during application.


Owatrol Spacenett can be applied using spray or using a cloth or rag and spread evenly across a surface. Once cleaning duties have been fulfilled you should always apply Owatrol PolishFloor to the surface to ensure the woods natural beauty is maintained.

Surface and Environment

Owatrol Spacenett is designed primarily for use internally and can be applied to any wooden surface found domestically or commercially. Owatrol Spacenett is ideal for use on varnished, oiled, cork, floating, vinyl and linoleum flooring offering ease of application.

Technical Details
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Odourless.
  • Water-based.
  • Powerful cleaner for removing the build-up wax, grease and ground in dirt that accumulates in the finish overtime.
  • Restores the look of the finish.
  • SPACENETT should always be followed by an application of POLISHFLOOR to protect and enhance the original finish.
  • On all varnished and oiled wooden and cork floors and floating wooden floors.