About Cleaning Liquids and Fluids
As well as painting products and accessories we also provide a full range of quality cleaning products as well as degreasers, all of these products can be applied before painting jobs to ensure a clean surface for you to work on. As well as normal cleaning solutions we also offer degreasers to ensure a thoroughly clean surface. Both our cleaning and degreasing products are the best that are available and we make sure that we offer you these products.

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Here at Promain we also offer Eco Acid Etch which is to be used on power floated floors and then provides a key when it comes to aiding adhesion of epoxy and single pack floor paints. As well as this we also have a range of fungicidal wash that is used for removing moss and green from paths and roofs. These cleaners are excellent when you need to get rid of muck and grime before the application of any paint and are sure to provide you with a clean and tidy workspace ready for any paint application or alternatively if you just want to clean up the area.

If you are looking for high quality cleaners that will ensure a clean and sterile area then make sure you take a look at the fantastic range of cleaners we have available here at Promain. We have cleaners available for all surface types so that you are getting the best product possible for the type of work you are carrying out. Here at Promain we like to make sure you have the product that is the most suitable for the work that you are carrying out so therefore we like to make sure you have a wide variety of choice available so that you get the perfect cleaning product for you. As with all of the products that we supply here at Promain, we only sell the products that we know we can trust to do the best job for you.