Mapei Planitop Fast 330

Mapei Planitop Fast 330

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Quick-setting, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar for internal and external floors and walls, applied at a thickness from 3 to 30mm to smooth out irregularities.
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£24.10 (£28.92 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Mapei Planitop Fast 330 is a quick setting, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar formulated for professional use on internal and external floors and walls to smooth out irregularities before laying tiles or a liquid waterproofing membrane, DPC.

Mapei Planitop Fast 330 is a grey powder formula consisting of special cementitious binders and synthetic resins which is mixed with water to form a good workable blend suitable for applying to vertical surfaces due to its high bonding strength to all substrates normally used in the building industry. Planitop Fast 330 is designed to form a strong, fast-drying levelling layer which will not shrink or crack even when applied in thick layers. Its fast-drying properties mean that laying of ceramic tiles can be carried out in as little as 2 hours in ideal conditions.

Best Uses

Planitop Fast 330 is ideal for use when a quick-setting mortar is required for smoothing and levelling internal and external substrates before applying a finish coating, such as stone slabs, ceramic tiles or a liquid waterproof membrane. Planitop Fast 330 can be used in swimming pools, terraces and balconies or over existing ceramic or stone floor slabs before subsequent finishing materials are applied.

Mapei Planitop Fast 330 hardens quickly even when applied in thick layers without shrinking or cracking, and forms a strong layer suitable for laying ceramic, glass mosaic and stone coatings.


Thoroughly mix Mapei Planitop Fast 330 with water using a low speed mixer to form a smooth, lump-free blend and apply using a metal pallet knife or trowel. After mixing with water Planitop Fast 330 remains workable for approximately 20 minutes. Tools can be cleaned with water.