Osmo Interior Wax

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A quick drying, white interior wood finish.
Available in 750ml and 2.5 Litres
£18.80 (£22.56 Inc VAT)
*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£18.80 (£22.56 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Please note, this is a special order item and has a 3 - 4 week delivery lead time.

Osmo Interior Wax is a quick drying, white interior wood finish. Transparent shade allows the wood grain and character to be visible while the opaque shade hides this with a solid white colour.

Osmo Interior Wax does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Water repellent and dirt resistant. New finishing system is easy to maintain and renovate.

Best Uses

Osmo Interior-Wax is suitable as a protection and decorative finish of interior wood: wall and ceiling panelling, moulding and beams as well as furniture, door
and children’s toys. It is also suitable for recoating and repairing wood that has been factory finished with Osmo Interior-Wax White Transparent (7393) or White
Opaque (7394) and for recoating old ceiling panelling.

  • Slip resistance for added safety
  • Especially for public and commercial use
  • Extremely durable and hardwearing
  • Very water and dirt resistant
  • Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine
  • Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children's toys
  • Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • No sanding necessary for spot repairs or future applications


Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 18%, apply at min. +10° C). Osmo Interior-Wax is ready to use, please do not thin. Stir well before use. Clean old microporous stains thoroughly. Old paints and lacquers must be completely removed. As a general rule, wear a dust mask during sanding works. Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes in wood (with Osmo Wood Filler). Wood treated with Osmo Interior-Wax generally only needs cleaning and recoating.
The finished surface is, among other things, influenced by the wood‘s natural characteristics. Therefore, a trial application is always required, especially for unfamiliar

Apply using Osmo Natural Bristle Brush Aqua or Osmo Microfibre Roller, apply thinly and quickly length by length along the wood grain and spread well. Allow for good ventilation while drying for 3-4 hours. If necessary, sand surface with fine sandpaper (P 360) before applying the second coat. After drying, quickly apply a second coat also thinly. When renovating, one coat applied to the clean and dry surface is usually sufficient.

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