Sika Poxitar F

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An epoxy-anthracene oil-combination coating suitable for steel and concrete structure such as buried and submerged structures.
Available in 17 Kg
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*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£243.87 (£292.64 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Sika Poxitar F is a 2-pack low solvent surface tolerant epoxy paint coating based on an epoxy-anthracene oil-combination with mineral fillers that is suitable for steel and concrete structure that are immersed in water.

Best Uses

Sika Poxitar F may only be used by experienced professionals. It is best suited as a protective coating for concrete and steel, for buried and submerged structures, e.g. sewage systems, chemical industry etc. Also suitable where application onto damp concrete is inevitable. Not suitable for surfaces in contact with drinking water, housing, stables etc.

After complete curing Sika® Poxitar® F is tough hard, heavy duty, abrasion and impact resistant, and has excellent resistance to water and chemicals. Sika® Poxitar® F can be exposed to water immediately after application. But take into consideration that solvents get into the water which leads to temporary contamination. Immediate exposure to water should therefore only be considered in special cases and after consulting the authorities for the protection of environment.

Resistant to water, seawater, barnacles, diluted acids and lyes, neutral salts, mineral and fuel oils, grease, detergents etc. Not resistant to exposure to benzene-hydrocarbons and tar oil.


For Concrete: Solid and gripping, free of cement laitance, dust, loose and friable particles and other contamination. Concrete moisture content max. 8 %. Sweep blasting increases adhesion. This is particularly important in case of underwater exposure. Large holes, holidays and cavities etc. should be levelled up with e.g. Icoment®- 520 Mortar or Sika Poxitar® SW Mortar.

For Steel: Blast-cleaning to Sa 2 ½ according to ISO 12944, part 4. Free from dirt, oil and grease. Average roughness depth RZ ≥ 50 microns.

Stir component A very thoroughly using an electric mixer (start slowly, then increase up to approx. 300 rpm). Add component B carefully and mix both components very thoroughly (including sides and bottom of the container). Mix for at least 3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. Fill mixed material into clean container and mix again shortly as described above. During mixing and handling of the materials always wear protective goggles, suitable gloves and other protective clothing.

The method of application has a major effect on achieving uniform thickness and appearance. Spray application will give the best results. The indicated dry film thickness is easily achieved by airless spray. Adding solvents reduces the sag resistance and the dry film thickness. In case of application by roller or brush, additional applications may become necessary to achieve the required coating thickness, depending on type of construction, site conditions, colour shade etc. Prior to major coating operations a test application on site may be useful to ensure the selected application method will provide the requested results.

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