PPG SigmaGuard 750

PPG SigmaGuard 750

SKU id3926 Binder UN1263 (Class:3, Pkg Gp: II), Pigment UN3077 (Class: 9, Pkg Gp: III)
PPG SigmaGuard 750 two component moisture curing zinc rich (ethyl) silicate coating
£365.06 (£438.07 Inc VAT)
£365.06 (£438.07 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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PPG SigmaGuard 750 is a two component, moisture curing, zinc rich silicate coating used as a tank coating to provide excellent solvent and chemical resistance in harsh conditions.

SigmaGuard 750 can be used as a tank coating or as a system primer, part of various paint systems based on unsaponifiable binders.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaGuard 750 is best used to provide corrosion protection to tanks that are exposed to adverse weather conditions on a daily basis. SigmaGuard 750 can withstand extreme temperatures of up to -90 degrees celsius right up to 400 degrees celsius, providing the atmospheric conditions are normal.


PPG SigmaGuard 750 can be applied easily using air or airless spray once the two components have been mixed together following careful instructions. SigmaGuard 750 is extremely fast drying and provides users with a touch dry finish after just 30 minutes at 20 degrees celsius. SigmaGuard 750 has a theoretical coverage rate of 8.7m2 per litre, suitable for the coating of tanks.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaGuard 750 is designed to withstand tough weather conditions and extremely adverse temperatures on an exterior basis. This product offers a grey, flat finish, with a high level of abrasion and impact resistance.

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