*PPG NovaGuard 830 Formerly Amercoat 2209 Filler

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This product is now discontinued

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for an alternative.

PPG NovaGuard 830 is a two component, solvent free, amine cured, phenolic epoxy compound, available in cream, for the caulking of welding seams.

NovaGuard 830 is part of Promains fantastic range of SigmaGuard products designed to provide protective coatings to a variety of substrates.

Best Uses

PPG NovaGuard 830 is a suitable caulking compound, designed for use under SigmaGuard CSF 650 and NovaGuard 840 that offers phenomenal chemical resistance against crude oil, unleaded gasolines and a wide range of petrochemicals and solvents. 830 works to reduce the potential of explosions and fires. This product is brought to you in light colours to improve visibility in low-vis environments.


PPG NovaGuard 830 can be applied using a heavy duty single feed airless spray equipment. Novaguard 830 may also be applied using brush for touch ups and line markings. Once applied, the product will be touch dry after 6 hours ready for a second coating after a 16 hour period has elapsed.

Surface and Environment

PPG NovaGuard 830 can be used internally or externally on steel or blasted steel that has been primed with a suitable primer, SigmaGuard 260 or 280 are perfect solutions for providing an adhesive undercoat prior to the application of NovaGuard 840.