PPG SigmaGuard 1091

PPG SigmaGuard 1091

SKU id4003 Base Non Hazardous, Hardener UN2810 (Class: 6.1, Pk Grp: III)
PPG SigmaGuard 1091 Two component solvent free polyamine quartz reinforced epoxy compound
£288.02 (£345.62 Inc VAT)
£288.02 (£345.62 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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PPG SigmaGuard 1091 is a two component solvent free polyamine cured, quartz reinforced sprayable epoxy compound.

It produces a seamless water impermeable polymer mortar with excellent anti-corrosive properties. Once applied and completely dry, you will have a light grey, rough surfaced matt finish that looks great when applied to concrete and steel.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaGuard 1091 is highly protective and works best when applied to steel and concrete, offering excellent adhesion in wet and dry exposure. It resists abrasion and impact in high wear and tear conditions. Just 30 minutes after application you will be able to expose the surface to water, despite the surface not being completely dry.


PPG SigmaGuard 1091 is a heavy product, after it has been mixed and can be applied using spray gun or spray pump, being touch dry after 6-8 hours. SigmaGuard 1091 fully cures after 7 days and can be recoated with paint, in approximately 1-7 days after application.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaGuard 1091 can be applied to various substrates and different appliances including, sewage lines and receivers, waste water treatment plants, power plants and textile mills to name a few. SigmaGuard 1091 is designed to offer the best protection and adherence in dry and wet conditions and offers resistance to a variety of mild chemicals.