PPG SigmaLine 2500

PPG SigmaLine 2500

SKU id3945 Base UN3082 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: III), Hardener UN3066 (Class: 8, Pkg Gp: II)
PPG SigmaLine 2500 two component solvent free amine cured phenolic epoxy coating
Available in 20 Litres in Dark Brown
£1,363.44 (£1,636.13 Inc VAT)
£1,363.44 (£1,636.13 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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PPG SigmaLine 2500 is a two component solvent free amine cured phenolic epoxy coating designed to prove a one coat system for pipe externals. SigmaLine 2500 dries to form a glossy and smooth finish in dark brown.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaLine 2500 has been designed to offer protection and decoration to the external of pipes and is extremely suitable for bell holing jobs. This product has been manufactured as a multi purpose substance to offer quality, protective finishes to a variety of steel coatings, with fast curing times when applied to pre heated surfaces.


PPG SigmaLine 2500 should be applied using a heavy duty twin feed hot airless spray to produce a smooth glossy finish with a theoretical coverage rate of 1.7m2 per litre, per coat. SigmaLine 2500 is touch dry after 30 minutes at 60 degrees celsius, and reaches full cure after 3 hours at the same temperature.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaLine 2500 has been specifically designed for use on steel substrates that have been blasted ready for a protective, decorative coating. 2500 can be applied to surfaces with a temperature of up to 90° celsius and works to reduce the risk of fire and explosions in confined, hot environments.