PPG Sigma Anti-Slip Aggregate 911762

SKU id4028 Non Hazardous
Available in fine and medium grades to offer non-slip properties to many floor paints.
Available in 5 and 25 Kg
£12.19 (£14.63 Inc VAT)
£12.19 (£14.63 Inc VAT)

Product Description

PPG Sigma Anti-Slip Aggregate is a floor coating additive, produced in fine and medium grades to offer non-slip properties to many floor paints as well as Sigma Floor Coatings.

Best Uses

PPG Sigma Anti-Slip Aggregate is best used in areas that are prone to getting slippery or in areas exposed to wet and moisturous conditions and works to protect people from slipping, which could potentially cause injury.

  • Hard aluminium oxide aggregate with excellent abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for marine and offshore for main decks, helidecks, walkways and other areas with heavy traffic
  • Suitable for use in combination with flooring products
  • Provides a heavy non skid surface
  • Blend of 16 and 36 mesh aluminium oxide (average 24 mesh - 0.7mm)


PPG Sigma Anti-Slip Aggregate can applied to the wet coating by sprinkling on the surface once the floor paint has been applied or by mixing the aggregate into the substance prior to application. Add slowly to paint using mechanical agitation. Mix frequently to avoid settling. Apply with a mastic spray or a short nap roller. Alternatively sprinkle open or full into wet film of the epoxy or flooring product.

Surface and Environment

PPG Sigma Anti-Slip Aggregate can be used on a variety of different surfaces internally or externally, primarily concrete and power floated floor surfaces which have been suitably primed and require a non slip coating.