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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Sigma AquaCover 22 is a fast drying primer which provides an anti-corrosive protective coating to structural, pre-treated and galvanised steel.

Sigma AquaCover 22 is a one component waterborne micaceous iron oxide pigmented primer based on acrylic dispersion. Particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

Best Uses

Sigma AquaCover 22 is best used to provide adhesion to pre-treated surfaces and can be overcoated with most waterborne acrylics, waterborne epoxy coatings and alkyd paints, as well as certain solvent borne two component products.


Sigma AquaCover 22 can be applied using an airless spray or a long haired brush or roller with rounder edges. Sigma AquaCover 22 has a fast drying time, being touch dry in 15-30 minutes and ready to overcoat in 4 hours. Sigma AquaCover 22 has a theoretical coverage rate of 8m sq. per litre, is available in a selection of shades and is suitable for use on metal.

Surface and Environment

Sigma AquaCover 22 is designed for use in industrial or construction environments, for use on structural, pre-treated and galvanised steel. It provides a protective coating that prevents the corrosion that can weaken the substrate.