*PPG Sigma AquaCover 500 - Formerly Amercoat 300A

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

PPG Sigma AquaCover 500 is a finishing coat and is part of a protective coating system for structural steel which is exposed to atmospheric corrosion.

Sigma AquaCover 500 is a two component polyamide cured waterborne epoxy; particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted for health and safety reasons. Sigma AquaCover 500 is an excellent part of a protective system to be used on structural steel which is exposed to adverse atmospheric conditions.

Best Uses

Sigma AquaCover 500 coating provides durability for surfaces in readiness for overcoating, with topcoats from the Sigma Topcoats range. AquaCover 500 can be overcoated with most dispersion and alkyd paints to create a durable finish but we recommend that surfaces are primed with AquaCover 200.


Sigma AquaCover 500 can be applied using an airless spray, long haired brush or roller a with rounder edges. It has an ultra fast drying time, touch dry in 4 hours (in temperatures of 20 degrees celsius) and an overcoat can be applied after 16 hours. Sigma AquaCover 500 has a theoretical coverage rate of 10.4m sq. per litre and is available in a white finish suitable for use on metal and concrete floors.

Surface and Environment

Sigma AquaCover 500 is designed for use in industrial or coastal exposures where weathering can be a massive factor in causing damage to surfaces. Sigma AquaCover 500 is ideal for use on structural steel and galvanised steel.