PPG Sigma Coltura TEP Tarfree

SKU id4027 Base UN3082 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: III), Hardener UN3066 (Class: 8, Pkg Gp: III)
A three component, a solvent free epoxy trowel floor coating sprinkled with a mineral anti-slip aggregate.
Available in 30 Kg
£564.22 (£677.06 Inc VAT)
£564.22 (£677.06 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Sigma Coltura TEP Tarfree floor coating, is a three component, solvent free, epoxy product designed for use on car parks, bridges and loading ramp floors, to be applied using a trowel.

This high quality product can be sprinkled with a mineral anti-slip aggregate to help reduce slippages.

Best Uses

Sigma Coltura TEP Tarfree is best used on heavy exposed floors, indoors and outdoors, such as galleries, factories, warehouses, car parks as well as bridges and ramp floors. Sigma Coltura TEP Tarfree provides amazing resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion and impact as well as providing an anti slip coating, even in wet conditions.


Sigma Coltura TEP Tarfree is designed for application using a steel trowel, swedish knife or spiked roller and has a theoretical coverage rate of 3.6m2 per Kg. After 40 hours you will be provided with a hard wearing floor coating that is top of the industry in floor coatings used to offer excellent protection.

Surface and Environment

Sigma Coltura TEP Tarfree can be used on concrete, steel and wood and has been specifically manufactured to provide corporate owners with the highest quality of floor coatings that can be used internally or externally, offering protection to the substrate whilst retaining decorative properties.