PPG SigmaShield 1090

SKU id9288 Part A: Non Hazardous, Part B: UN3066 (Class: 8, Pk Grp: II)
A two component flint reinforced solvent free polyamine cured, epoxy compound suitable for the protection of steel and concrete.
Available in 12 Litres
£216.09 (£259.31 Inc VAT)
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£216.09 (£259.31 Inc VAT)

Product Description

PPG SigmaShield 1090 is a two component, flint reinforced, solvent free, polyamine cured, epoxy compound, suitable for the protection of both steel and concrete. This product provides protection against water, mild chemicals, impact, and corrosion.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaShield 1090 is a product ideal for use in the marine environment that can be exposed to water just 30 minutes after application. 1090 provides a water permeable layer that allows trapped moisture to be released all the while allowing the surface to breathe, making it highly suited for use on decks regularly exposed to water.


PPG SigmaShield 1090 is a heavy substance that can be applied using a flat trowel or using spray application, however the product must be transported from the container with mixed material to the spray gun. After 6-8 hours the surface is dry to touch and can be recoated after a minimum of 6 hours.

Surface and Environment

Sigma SigmaShield 1090 is suitable for use on dock-side appliances and surfaces and is highly resistance to abrasion and impact. The marine environment is constantly exposed to varying conditions and 1090 offers the utmost protection and adhesion in dry or wet conditions, warm or cold. SigmaShield 1090 should primarily be used on steel and concrete substrates situated in the marine environment.

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