*PPG Steelguard 552

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

PPG Steelguard 552 is a one component, thin-film, solvent borne, intumescent coating designed for providing fire protection to structural steelwork in an industrial environment.

Best Uses

Steelguard 552 has been tested to national and international standards and can be used in dry, internal environments without the use of a protective topcoat. Steelguard 552 is an excellent fire resistant product that provides up to 60 minutes of protection from cellulosic fires and provides surface with 12 months of weather resistance, when a topcoat isn't used, providing the structure isn't immersed in water or exposed to high humidity.


Steelguard 552 can be applied using airless spray for optimum performance and a brush should only be used for touch ups and small tricky areas. Steelguard 552 should not be applied below 5 degrees or above 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise it may not adhere to the surface properly. With quick drying time 552 is dry in just 30 minutes and can be recoated after 6 hours in conditions of around 20 degrees Celsius.

Surface and Environment

Steelguard 552 can be used of on-site or off-site application and when dry produces a high quality, white matt, protective coating that can be used internally or externally to ensure that structural steel has the utmost protection from the risk of fire.

Technical Details
  • One component thin-film solvent borne intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork
  • Provides up to 60 minutes protection from cellulosic fires
  • Off-site or on-site application
  • Up to 1500 microns dft in a single coat
  • Suitable for C1 to C4 internal and external environments (ISO 12944); for dry internal (C1) environments no topcoat is required
  • Weather resistant up to 12 months without topcoat provided the coating has been applied in accordance with Information Sheet 1222 and is not subject to running or pooling water, hot high humidity or immersion
  • Tested to national and international standards such as ENV 13381-4 and BS 476 and certified with various national requirements
  • Theoretical spreading rate 1.07 sq m/l for 700 microns
  • Touch dry after 30 minutes
  • Overcoating interval min. 6 hours with itself, min. 48 hours with suitable topcoat, max. unlimited
  • Available in 20 litres
  • Colour White