*PPG Thinner 91-82 T-10

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

PPG Thinner 91-82 is a clear, high performance, thinning liquid, specially made for use with various different paints, available from Promain UK Ltd.

Best Uses

PPG Thinner 91-82 is part of the excellent PPG Sigma range of Thinners designed to be used for reducing thickness in specific paint coatings and can also be used to clean up surfaces from paint after use.


PPG Thinner 91-82 can be applied to paint coatings on a percentage scale, and a usage of between 1-10% is usually sufficient to thin a coating out ready for use.

Surface and Environment

PPG Thinner 91-82 can be used on a range of different PPG coatings, depending on what the Product Data Sheet specifies.