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Wagner 0418041 Pro 119 Airless Sprayer

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Wagner 119 - £561.00 ex VAT


Wagner Pro 119 Airless Sprayer is part of Promains excellent range of Accessories and Sprayers designed for aiding the coverage of large surface areas and large radius of action. Pro 119 Airless Sprayer works well with high viscosity materials while usually require application manually with brush or roller due to the thickness of them. Pro 119 Airless Sprayer is not suitable for use with Intumescent paints.

Best Uses

Pro 119 Airless Sprayer uses a direct intake system that literally takes the paint from the original contain and processes out the other side via the spray nozzle. Pro 119 Airless Sprayer can then be quickly and easily folded up so it can transported around, in the back of a car for example. Rustoleum Dac Hydro Plus is one of the products that can be used effectively using the Pro 119 Airless Sprayer. 


Pro 119 Airless Sprayer has a valve depressor that is actuated automatically when the unit is switched on so the Sprayer is ready straight away at any time. Pro 119 Airless Sprayer has a max delivery of 1.25 litres per minute at max when the spraying pressure bar is set at 200.

Surface and Environment

Pro 119 Airless Sprayer is suitable for use in a whole host of different environment however we would recommend not using it in the rain or other wet conditions to avoid damaging the system. Pro 119 Airless Sprayer can be used to spray a variety of different surfaces including wood, metal and brickwork, with different acrylic water based paints. 

Below is a list of technical information and properties of Wagner 0418041 Pro 119 Airless Sprayer.


  • Wagner Pro 119 offers high surface coverage and large radius of action.
  • Even works with high viscosity materials.
  • Wagner Pro 119 has a direct intake from the original container.
  • The Wagner Pro 119 can then be simply folded up for transport in a car.
  • The valve depressor is actuated automatically when the unit is switched on so unit is thus ready for use at any time.
  • Wagner Pro 119 is not suitable for use with INTUMESCENT Paints.
  • Max. delivery 1.25l /min Max. spraying pressure 200 bar.
  • Hose length 15m.
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