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This product has been discontinued and replaced by Owatrol Aquadecks.

Product Description

This product has been discontinued and replaced by Owatrol Aquadecks, click here.

Owatrol Protext works to enhance your woods natural beauty, with a water-based finish that penetrates deeply into the substrate and bonds to provide a flexible, long-term rich matt finish.

Best Uses

Owatrol Protext provides excellent stability to timber and can be used on all kinds of different wooden substrates including those that are exotic. Apply to weathered wood to notice the best results as your surface comes back to life, or enhance any new wood that you might wish to protect from UV light or weathering.


Owatrol Protext can be applied using brush, spray or roller and has a cure time of approximately 24 hours under normal, dry conditions. Protext is waterproof, however wet conditions during the process of drying may reduce the curing time. Owatrol Protext has a good theoretical coverage rate of 10-12m2 per litre and can be purchased in a range of colours including, Ebony, Teak and Honey.

Surface and Environment

Owatrol Protext can be used on all interior and exterior woods, including softwood, hardwood and thermo heated wood. Protext works well under all conditions but has longer lasting effects when used indoors on horizontal surfaces, although can still be applied to vertical surfaces.

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