*Quill Spectrum Super Suds Cleaner

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note this product is now discontinued.

Quill Spectrum Super Suds Concentrated Cleaner is a multi-purpose liquid cleaner for cleaning substrates including painted surfaces, prior to decoration.

Quill Super Suds Concentrated Cleaner brought to you by Promain, is a superior liquid cleaner that can be treated as a concentrated washing up liquid. Once diluted with water, it provides an efficient cleaning substance suitable for, amongst other things, cleaning lighting columns, street furniture and roofs.

Best Uses

Quill Spectrum Industrial Super Suds is a fast acting foaming detergent and is also suitable for cleaning existing paintwork before repainting, vehicle hand washing, light cleaning and dish washing. This high quality formulation removes general dirt and greasy residues with ease, providing biological cleanliness and streak free results in seconds. The neutral non caustic formulation is safe for use near food and livestock.


Simply mix with water to produce a high quality cleaning substance. Promain also offers Yellow Foam Sponges, from Centrecoat, at low cost, to help you with your general cleaning purposes. Stronger Scrubbers will be needed for more vigorous cleaning duties.

Surface and Environment

Quill Super Suds Cleaner is used to clean many substrates such as metalwork, painted surfaces, swimming pools and roofs. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used with many of our paint products, to clean the surface prior to decoration.

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