Remmers Betofix RM

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Fast repair mortar for repairs in façade areas that are not statically or dynamically stressed.
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Product Description

Remmers Betofix RM is a fast repair mortar ideal for fast concrete repairs in façade areas that are not dynamically stressed. It can be worked overhead and is certified according to DIN EN 1504-3.

Best Uses

Betofix RM is best used in façade areas or for closing broken out areas, gravel pockets, pores, uneven surfaces, spacers and holes. It can also be used for filling of concrete surfaces. or as a mineral corrosion protection for reinforcement steel (in combination with Remmers Rust Inhibitor M, Art. No. 0919).


Requirements of the substrate - Load-bearing, clean and dust-free.

Preparation - De-rust the exposed steel surfaces to bright metal (SA 2 ½ ). Pre-wet the substrate to make it matt damp.

Corrosion protection: Apply the grout in two layers of at least 1 mm each covering the entire surface. Waiting time between the layers is approximately 30 minutes. Subsequent works are executed wet-on-wet.

Concrete replacement: If needed, apply a scratch coat with the product. On difficult to reach areas, apply the product slightly diluted as contact grout. Apply the desired thickness in one layer and smooth. After 15 - 30 minutes finish the surface as desired by felting, rubbing, smoothing or texturing.

Recommended Products To Use

Remmers Rust Inhibitor M

Remmers Rust Inhibitor M

Additive for the production of a durable corrosion inhibiting coating made with Betofix RM or Betofix R2.

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