Remmers Impregnation Primer

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Solvent based primer on a siloxane base with a hydro­phobizing effect.
Available in 5 Litres
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Product Description

Remmers Impregnation Primer is distinguished by high alkali resistance, i.e. the substrate to be primed may show a pH value of up to 14 without negatively influencing the effect of the primer. Because of its low molecular structure in the packaged state, Remmers Impregnation Primer has very good penetration capacity.

Best Uses

The Impregnation primer is a hydro-phobizing, clear impregnation primer for porous, cementitious building materials. It is best used for mineral, sound substrates. However please note it should not be used on synthetic resin or dispersion based old coatings (swelling, blistering) or on bonded heat insulation systems. The product cannot be mixed with water.


The mineral substrates must be dry, load-bearing and free of soiling, infestation (alga, moss and lichen), cracks (> 0.2 mm) and substances with a separating effect. Apply with a brush, roller or flow coating procedure using low pressure spraying equipment. Object and ambient temperature should be at least +5 °C and max.+30 °C.

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