Remmers PUR Top M Plus

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A matt, transparent sealer for use as a slip resistant topcoat for Remmers synthetic floor coatings.
Available in 2.5 Kg in Transparent
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Product Description

Remmers PUR Top M Plus is a matt, transparent sealer for use as a slip resistant topcoat for Remmers synthetic floor coatings.

Best Uses

Remmers PUR Top M Plus is formulated as a low odour, transparent polyurethane sealant with a slip resistant, matt surface for interior use. Suitable for use alongside Remmers Epoxy Flex PH and Remmers Epoxy ST 100.


Depending on the substrate, the substrate is coated with one of the Remmers coatings according to the directions in the Technical Information Sheet. The clean, load bearing surface that is free of substances that could interfere with adhesion should be normally sealed within 48 hours. If this is not possible, the surface should be abraded first with a fine mesh grinding pad onto an orbital STG machine and the dust removed. The use of Remmers PUR Top M Plus directly on ceramic tiles is not recommended as the bond is often insufficient.

Mix thoroughly with a slow speed mixer (max. 400 rpm). Then pour onto the surface and distribute by suitable means.

Apply PUR Top M Plus evenly with a PU roller. An equal surface can be reached by passing of a mid pile epoxy roller (non shedding) in one direction only! Re-rolling will leave visible marks in the surface. The rollers must be replaced with new rollers at the latest every 30 minutes. Opened containers must be used within the same period. Using rollers and working the material too long causes glossy spots on the surface and/or visible roller marks.

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