*Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 Resin

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Resin available in 10 and 20 Kg

Product Description

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Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 Resin is the resin component for a 2 pack liquid applied roofing system. A flexible hybrid polyester resin, cured with a specialised Peroxide catalyst offering optimum curing across a wide range of application conditions.

Requires Powder Hardener sold separately.

Best Uses

Similar to fibreglass systems, Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 uses a powder hardener for rapid curing. You can reinforce this system with Res-Tec Fibreglass CSM for extra strength and crack resistance. The finished membrane is extremely tough, impact resistant and can easily accommodate foot traffic. Due to its unique flexible technology, Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 is able to coat all common roof surfaces. This includes felt, concrete, asphalt, GRP and timber. This means roofs can be overlaid without the need for strip and replace works. No matter the size, shape or complexity of the roof, Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 provides a seamless, tough and flexible membrane to any roof or balcony area.

  • Excellent crack resistance and water resistant properties
  • Can in many cases be applied over the existing roof membrane without the need to remove and re-board
  • Overcoatable: Tolerant of short completion delays and easily repairable
  • Lower odours that alternative roofing systems
  • All year round fast curing
  • Rapid wetting of the glass fibres and early conforming to detail work. Can be applied using only a medium pile roller
  • Prevents drainage / sagging from vertical surfaces


For most conditions catalyst should be added between 3 and 4 % - see application guide available in the above tab to download for full in depth details.

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