Tensid Algo Bio Inhibitor

SKU id17542 Non Hazardous
A non hazardous product which removes and prevents future growth of algae for up to 3 years. LuL No.2039
Available in 5 Litres
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Product Description

Tensid Algo Bio Inhibitor is a non hazardous ready to use algae remover and inhibitor on a multitude of surfaces. Algo Bio has the unique ability to prevent regrowth for a period of up to 3 years. Approved for London Underground use under LuL ID2039.

Best Uses

Tensid Algo Bio Inhibitor is ideal for the removal of algae, moss and other organic growth from masonry, concrete and timber surfaces. For general use on London Underground Premises, it can potentially prevent regrowth for a period up to 3 years.


Apply with brush or low compression sprayer. Always test each type of surface to ensure suitability and desired results. Apply test area according to the following application procedures.

Wood and masonry surfaces

Apply undiluted product by spray or brush, algae and other organic growth will begin to die after 24 hours, and will generally be washed away by wind and rain over the next few days. Heavily affected areas may require pre-cleaning and/or a second treatment. Apply to a visibly dry surface. Note: After application of Algo, results can sometimes take up to two weeks, dependent upon the type of algae. Once Algo has killed the algae, it can take time for the dead spores to be blown away. ;In addition, the conditions have to be taken into ;consideration wind, rain, sun and shade all determine how long the area stays clean.

Hard surfaces

Algo is effective in controlling most bacteria and micro-organisms on a multitude of surfaces, after initial removal of heavy surface contamination. Algo should be applied and left to dry, it will form an invisible film on the surface that will inhibit future growth of bacteria and all micro organisms as well as associated unpleasant organic odours.