*Rustoleum Basecoat Rapid SL 6570

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Rustoleum Basecoat Rapid SL 6570 is a self-leveling screed to level out uneven floors.

Rustoleum Basecoat Rapid SL 6570 is a sand-coloured powder that is available in 20kg bags.

Best Uses

Basecoat SL 6570 is designed to flatten out rough concrete floors. Rustoleum Basecoat Rapid SL 6570 provides a quality smooth finish as well as offering a good key for adhesion on concrete floors and cement screed floors.

  • Fast renovation of damaged or uneven floors
  • Can be walked on after 4 hours
  • Strong and durable material without portland cement
  • Thickness of 5 – 30 mm thickness possible
  • Almost no odour


Simply add water to the SL 6570 and mix with a paddle mix before use. It offers an affordable alternative to the Rust-Oleum 5170, which was well respected in the market but the price was considered a little uncompetitive on larger floors.

Basecoat SL 6570 can be applied with a trowel, a rake or a special spreader with triangular teeth. The recommended layer thickness is 8 mm, but it is possible to apply the product at a thickness of 5 - 30 mm. Can be used with Rust-Oleum floor paints to provide better aesthetics and improved wear and chemical resistance.