*Rustoleum Trade Fix Primer

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This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

Please note this product is now discontinued.

Rustoleum Fix Primer is a water based, colourless fixing agent for stabilising powdery surfaces to improve finishing coat adhesion and coverage.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Fix Primer is a water-based, colourless fixing agent based on synthetic resin for substrates with a powdery, porous or highly absorbent surface. Rustoleum Fix Primer has a deep penetrative capacity, to improve adhesion to the substrate and increases the efficiency of the finishing coat. Solvent-free, low-odour and quick drying. For interior and exterior use.

Rustoleum Fix Primer is formulated as a primer on powdery and absorbent substrates. Suitable substrates are, for example cement and plasterwork, concrete, brickwork, plasterboard, board, etc.

  • Stabilises powdery surfaces
  • Good penetration performance
  • Improves finishing coat adhesion
  • Improves finishing coat coverage
  • Solvent-free and virtually odourless


The substrate must have a load-bearing capacity and must be fully set, dry and free from dust or grease. Sand and repair surface irregularities. Remove and/or repair all loose and unstable coats. When using externally, remove all algae and moss.

For new, untreated substrates

  • Prime absorbent and highly absorbent surfaces in their entirety using stabilising primer (prevent glossy patches).
  • Thoroughly clean powdery surfaces. Prime with Stabilising primer after allowing to dry.

For existing, non-load-bearing substrates

  • Thoroughly remove loose coats.
  • Thoroughly wash powdery coats and allow to dry.
  • Carry out any repairs.
  • Prime with Stabilising primer.

The aforementioned systems form a general description of the most common substrates. Please contact our technical team for specific applications and/or detailed advice.

Shake and stir before use. Apply in 1 coat preferably using a square pasting brush or a woolly roller. Never allow this product to form a film.

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