Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Sprayer

SKU id3817 Non Hazardous
The ideal tool for easy application of GraffitiShield Wax and Hydro.
Capacity 8 Litres
£45.59 (£54.71 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Sprayer is a spraying device designed especially for applying Graffiti Shield Wax and Graffiti Shield Hydro and is part of Promain's excellent selection of Rustoleum Anti Graffiti products.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Sprayer is best used with Graffiti Shield Hydro and Wax to offer easy application with the perfect finish and can be used on all substrates that Hydro and Wax are suitable for.


Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Sprayer has a large 8 litre capacity that allows for constant spraying and quick application of Anti-Graffiti coatings. This sprayer is top of the range in anti graffiti devices and works exceptionally well at producing the optimum coating.

Surface and Environment

Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Sprayer can be used to apply Wax and Hydro to all mineral substrates including, concrete, brickwork, stone and masonry walls.

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