*Rustoleum Secco® Hydro Crème

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This product has now been discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Rustoleum Secco Hydro Crème is a pasty, water-based hydrophobic substance specially developed to make mineral surfaces and non-porous concrete water-repellent.

Secco® Hydro Crème is a low VOC pasty hydrophobic protective coating that offers a high level of viscosity and an extended open time, allowing the Crème to achieve a high level of penetration.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Secco Hydro Creme benefits form being suitable for fresh jointing as well as reducing salt efflorescence, frost damage, Secco® Hydro Crème has been formulated for use on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.

Rustoleum Secco Hydro Creme will help to prevent moulds, moss and algae growth and erosion, etc. Secco® Hydro Crème is a practically invisible, solvent free and provides a highly water-repellent effect on brick, concrete, asbestos, cement, limestone, brick, joint mortars, aerated concrete etc. but still allowing the surface to breath.

  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Practically invisible
  • Negligible volatility
  • Solvent-free
  • Good alkali resistance
  • Highly water-repellent effect
  • Very high level of penetration
  • Can be applied to fresh jointing
  • Reduces salt efflorescence, frost damage, mortar leaching, moulds, moss and algae growth and erosion, etc.
  • Can be applied to relatively moist and warm surfaces


Before use, shake up and stir well to ensure a good degree of homogeneity. The surface should be free of dust and grease. Mortar in poor condition must be restored before application of this product. Apply in a single layer from the bottom of the surface to the top, keeping the porosity of the surface in mind. Protect surrounding materials, such as scaffolding, windows and plants, during application. Apply using a brush roller or airless spray.