*Rustoleum Trade Ultra Masonry Matt

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product has been discontinued.

Rustoleum Ultra Masonry Matt is a dirt repellent, scrub resistant, matt masonry paint for exterior walls based on a silicone resin emulsion.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Ultra Masonry Matt is mainly intended for external walls that need to meet high standards in relation to moisture retention due to its superior water vapour permeability. Suitable surfaces are: existing wall paint layers, cement and plasterwork, concrete, brick, etc.

The S.R.E.P. technology (Silicon Resin Emulsion Paint) gives Rustoleum Ultra Masonry Matt dirt-repellent properties and high water vapour permeability/rain-sealing performance. Scrub-resistance to Class 1, excellent resistance to weathering and alkalinity and resistant to the effects of changing weather conditions. Ideally suited for a long-lasting finish where the demands are high. For exterior use only.


The substrate must have a load-bearing capacity and must be fully set, dry and free from dust or grease. Sand and repair surface irregularities. Remove and/or repair all loose and unstable coats. When using externally, remove all algae and moss.

For new, untreated substrates

  • Prime highly absorbent surfaces in their entirety using Stabilising primer.
  • Thoroughly clean powdery surfaces. Prime with Stabilising primer after allowing to dry.
  • Paint to cover after allowing to dry.

For Existing intact coats of wall paint

  • Clean using Paint cleaner.
  • Paint to cover after allowing to dry.

For existing, non-load-bearing coats of wall paint

  • Remove loose parts.
  • Thoroughly wash powdery coats and allow to dry.
  • Carry out any repairs.
  • Prime with Stabilising primer.
  • Paint to cover after allowing to dry.

For substrates contaminated by nicotine, damp, rust or soot

  • Clean thoroughly using Paint cleaner.
  • Treat surface/contamination using Sealing primer.

The aforementioned systems form a general description of the most common surfaces. Please contact our technical team for specific applications and/or detailed advice.

Stir thoroughly prior to use. Dilute the first coat on a untreated stable support with a maximum of 10% water. Apply in 1 or 2 coats using a suitable brush or paint roller. Always work wet-on-wet to prevent visible brush strokes. Retouch all lengths in the same direction. Do not retouch when drying.