*PPG SigmaWeld 10

SKU id3965 UN3082 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: III)
This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact us for an alternative.

SigmaWeld 10 is a one component waterborne anticorrosive shop prime that offers fast drying properties, ideal for minimizing down time in the workplace.

When applied to shot blasted steel plates you can apply the substance immediately.

Best Uses

SigmaWeld 10 offers excellent cutting and welding properties and outstanding corrosion protection of up to 6 months, time dependant on conditions and blasting profile. SigmaWeld 10 can be used as a first coat in various paint systems for atmospheric exposure conditions only.


SigmaWeld 10 can be applied using airless spray or air spray and is suitable for immediate application to steel surfaces. SigmaWeld 10 is touch dry after just 12 minutes in conditions of approximately 20 degrees celsius and can be recoated after an interval of 12 hours has elapsed.

Surface and Environment

SigmaWeld 10 works to provide regular smooth welding seams and releases little or no fumes during welding and cutting. SigmaWeld 10 is ideal for use in the construction industry where welding is common practice. Please ring our technical support team for more information on this product and one of our highly experienced team of professionals will be happy to assist you.