Sika BentoShield Granules

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Easily moulded waterproofing paste for irregular detailing.
Available in 25kg Bags
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Product Description

Sika® BentoShield® Granules are polymer modified natural sodium bentonite granules, these granules when wetted form a dense waterproof paste. BBA Certificate 16/5342 for waterproofing structures.

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Best Uses

Sika BentoShield Granules are used to seal Sika BentoShield® MAX LM membrane around slab penetrations and pile heads. They are also used to create secondary fillets at wall / slab junctions and to correct minor cracks in the substrate prior to the membrane application. Furthermore, Sika BentoShield Granules are also used to seal the horizontal laps of membrane applications.


All dirt, contaminates and debris must be removed from the area of application. Product must not be applied into standing water. Excessive water addition or overdosing may cause bleeding or segregation.

Frost: If frozen and / or if precipitation has occurred, Sika BentoShield® MAX Granules may be used after thawing slowly at room temperature followed by intensive

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