*Sika PU Accelerator

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative if you need a fast return to service.

Sika PU Accelerator is designed to increase the cure rate of Sikafloor products to facilitate a faster application and reduce downtime in areas where a rapid return to service is required.

Best Uses

Sika PU Accelerator is formulated to shorten the curing time of Sika Sikafloor 405 and Sika Sikafloor 420.

Sika PU Accelerator provides easy and quick mixing while accelerating curing progression at low temperatures. It is also ideal for reducing downtime in areas where a fast return to service is required and also avoids delays due to lower temperatures.


Sika PU Accelerator is added to the specific Sikafloor product on site at the time of application and mixed manually or mechanically at slow speed to prevent aeration. Mix with electric drill and paddle. Refer to the Sika Sikafloor 405 or  Sika Sikafloor 420 specific product data sheet for full application details.

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*Sika Sikafloor® 405

This product is now discontinued.

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