*Sika Sikafloor® 354

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product has been discontinued please call for an alternative.

Sikafloor-354 is a two component, solvent-free, floor paint for flooring in industrial environments.

Sikafloor-354 is a two component, solvent-free, epoxy seal coat designed to provide mechanical resistance to broadcast systems. 354 is a high quality product that works extremely well at providing toughness and durability to flooring in an industrial environment.

Best Uses

Sikafloor-354 offers a high level of mechanical resistance along with abrasion resistance to bring you an all round coating, that not only protects, but looks great on the eye too.


Sikafloor-354 is easy to apply to surfaces that have been appropriately prepared, in the sense that all loose debris and contamination has been removed and the surface is dry and clean. Sikafloor-354 can be applied using brush or spray, and is available to you in most BS and RAL colours on request.

Surface and Environment

Sikafloor-354 can be used internally or externally in an industrial environment to provide an ultra tough coating to broadcast systems found in car parks, warehouses and various ramps.

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This product is now discontinued.

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