*Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Snowcem Exterior Paint is a simple, breathable, economical, easy to apply exterior masonry coating with an expected life span of over 25 years. Approved for TFL / LuL applications.

Best Uses

Snowcem Plus Exterior Paint is ideal for homes, farms, offices, public buildings, car-parks, historical buildings and any situation where weather conditions demand superior protection. It repeatedly demonstrates long life on brickwork, blockwork, stone, concrete, render, plaster and GRC. Snowcem Plus can be applied over most existing coating types. Unlike other paints, which can lack compatibility because they include radically dissimilar materials (polymers etc) to concrete, stone, brickwork and render surfaces, Snowcem is 100% compatible. Those that have tried to remove dried cement from such surfaces will readily appreciate this characteristic. Other paints rely on much weaker bonding to the surface, which is why they fail by peeling, for example.


  • Ideal for extreme weather environments, including coastal locations
  • Does not fail by peeling or flaking
  • Forms a hard, tough, impact resistant and durable surface
  • Many examples of applications exceeding 25 years
  • Available as brilliant white PLUS or a range of subtle shades and colours
  • Withstands freeze-thaw attack and water related deterioration
  • Specified by architects and supplied to Transport For London/London Underground Limited for buildings and stations
  • Snowcem does not contain any polymers and is, therefore, not degraded by the sun’s radiation. In fact, Snowcem grows stronger and tougher with rain and time, because its binding cement content takes decades to fully cure
  • Snowcem Plus qualifies for “Green Building Criteria


Weak or dusting surfaces can be strengthening prior to painting by an application of Cemprover. Snowcem is applied by brush, paint pad or using a low cost ‘gravity fed hopper spray gun’. Paint rollers are not suitable. Ensure the surface is free of all weak and loose material, and contamination such as dust, dirt, moss, lichen, grease, oil, sealer and anything that could affect the coating application. Where it is not feasible to remove all paint and coatings, or the surface generally lacks absorbency, prime surface with Cemprover prior to commencing the Snowcempaint application. Using a clean bucket, prepare Snowcempaint by adding the powder to clean water, 1 part powder to 1 part water by weight. Mix slowly and thoroughly for 5 minutes using a paddle mixer or a paddle mounted in a hand drill. Ensure a lump free mix, taking care to include any powder from the bottom and side of the bucket. When the progress of work is slow, it may be necessary to briefly remix the paint before continuing. When doing this, do not attempt to thin by adding water. Apply Snowcempaint in two coats, allowing the first to set dry, allowing no more than 18 hours interval between coats.