Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt

Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt

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The Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt for professional application of thermoplastic traffic marking compound materials (reflective beads can be applied simultaneously with screening).
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Product Description

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Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt is a professional system designed to offer simple application of thermoplastic traffic marking compound materials. Where reflective beads are required you can apply them simultaneously with screeding.

Best Uses

ThermoLazer ProMelt is designed to offer accuracy and precision with just the squeeze of a lever, providing outstanding maneuverability for applying themoplastic line marking materials.


ThermoLazer ProMelt is easy to use with just the squeeze of a lever once you follow the set up instructions. Please see the Product Brochure for more information about this product and how it works. The ControlFlow System offers precise material flow control with a squeeze of a lever.  Line width can be easily altered by changing the shoe for a different size, shoes are available in a range of widths and also available to apply double lines simultaneously.

Surface and Environment

ThermoLazer ProMelt is commonly used to apply thermoplastic markings on external surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and tarmac and offers users higher quality markings to that of conventional line marking machines. As well as this, you can apply more, with less effort so productivity is significantly increased. 

Split Bead System is a split hopper which holds over 90 lbs (40 kg) of beads and the dispense system allows fast and flexible line width changes without tools. The SpringGuard Protection System extends spring life plus no-tool removal and installation.Use the EasyGlide System is the first thermoplastic line striper with dual rear wheels and Fat Track Front Swivel for smooth LineLazer-like handling.HighCap Hopper System is 20-50% larger for fewer refills. 300 lbs (136 kg) material capacity. SmoothRide Tires offers high load pneumatic tires providing excellent manoeuvrability and less rolling resistance. Optional Double-Bead Drop System Kit can be installed in minutes.

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