*Timberex Coloured Wood Oil

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product has now been discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Timberex Coloured Oil is made from natural resins, fast drying oils and colour agents which penetrate deeply into the wood filling the pores to form a wear and water resistant surface.

Best Uses

Timberex Coloured is ideal for commercial or domestic use, on floors, stairs, panelling etc. Available in ten attractive colours, each one enriching and enhancing the wood.

  • Cured and buffed surface has a highly wear and water-resistant finish
  • Colours can be mixed together for a wide range of effects


Punch down any nail heads, fill any small holes or imperfections with proprietary coloured timber filler (plastic wood) and leave to cure. The wood should not have excessive gaps through which the product could seep and affect the bond of any adhesive layer or rooms below. Floors should be free from any barrier to penetration. Sand at least twice starting with coarse sandpaper, and use 100 grade maximum sandpaper for the final sanding. Clean the surface by vacuum.

Timberex Lut (softwood and hardwood versions are available) used before Timberex Coloured will provide deeper and more even colouring. Any Timberex Lut treatment must be dry and residues removed.

It is advisable to test a small area first to ensure that the desired result is achieved.
1. Apply the first coat of Timberex Coloured using a wide brush or platform pad. Accidental splashes on surrounding surfaces must be removed immediately. Keep moving the oil to areas where it is being absorbed. It must not dry between coats.
2. Apply a second coat after 20-30 minutes or sooner if the first coat is quickly absorbed.
3. Apply a third coat after 20-30 minutes. Apply further coats until the wood will not absorb any more oil.
4. After another 30 minutes, while there is a thin, even surface residue of unabsorbed oil, it is important to thoroughly buff the wet surface with a Red grade nylon pad at approximately 150 rpm.
5. Remove ALL unabsorbed Timberex Coloured immediately with cloths, to leave a matt surface. Important: Place all oil-impregnated cloths etc into a bucket filled with water.
6. When the surface has dried after 8-12 hours, it is important to buff thoroughly with a Red grade nylon pad to close the surface, provide a satin sheen and to remove any minor ‘bleed-back’.