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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Timberex Satin Oil is used for periodic maintenance of floors treated with Timberex Natural, Timberex Heavy Duty or Timberex Coloured. Re-sanding is not normally necessary.

Best Uses

  • Deep-penetrating, hardening natural oil
  • Labour-efficient, easy and rapid maintenance
  • Surface-dry after 3 - 6 hours, thoroughly hardened and water resistant after 7 days


Clean the floor using Timberex Bio-C neutral cleaner and allow to dry. Timberex Satin Oil White must be very thoroughly stirred before and during use to disperse the white pigment.

1. Working in maximum 20m2 areas at a time, apply a thin layer using a squeegee or platform pad and thoroughly buff the wet Timberex Satin Oil into the surface using a Red grade nylon pad at approximately 150 rpm. Accidental splashes on surrounding surfaces must be removed immediately.
2. Remove ALL surplus Timberex Satin Oil with cloths within 30 minutes maximum, leaving only a very thin film. Place all oil impregnated cloths etc immediately into a bucket filled with water.
3. When the surface has dried after 3-6 hours, buff with a Red grade nylon pad to increase the satin sheen.

Any water spillages should be removed immediately and pedestrian traffic is allowable after 24 hours. Water resistance will increase over the following seven days. Dry vacuum only during this period.

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This product is now discontinued.

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