Tor Torlife TP

Tor Torlife TP

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Tor Torlife TP Clear System has been specifically designed to withstand graffiti attack
Tor Torlife TP Clear System, available in 5 litre paint tins
£90.63 (£108.76 Inc VAT)
£90.63 (£108.76 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Torlife TP is an anti-graffiti coating system for external surfaces and is available in a range of finishes.

Torlife TP is an anti graffiti coating system specifically designed to withstand graffiti attack. Torlife TP is a tough, high performance system which, when applied correctly, provides excellent graffiti removal properties.

It is available in gloss, satin, coloured or clear finishes. Torlife TP is a two pack solvent based polyurethane coating system with excellent durability and UV colour stability. Torlife provides an extremely hard wearing decorative finish combined with a class 0 fire rating when applied to new, bare or stripped surfaces.

Best Uses

Torlife TP is best used as a barrier against graffiti attack. Once applied correctly, graffiti can be removed from the painted surfaces by using the Tor range of graffiti removal products. Torlife TP Anti Graffiti provides protection to a wide range of substrates including wood, metals, masonry and natural stonework; whilst maintaining and preserving the substrates appearance.


Application is by brush or medium pile roller. Application of one coat of TorlifeTM ST Primer (at an average rate of 10 square metre per litre) followed by two coats of TorlifeTM TP Satin Finish (coverage rate of 10 square metres per litre per coat). Allow to cure between coats. Overcoating time minimum 8 hours, maximum 48 hours. Please see the manufacturers data sheets, for more information.

Surface and Environment

Torlife TP is designed for use on most external building substrates, including, new bare or previously painted, metals, brick, masonry, concrete, render, timber and UPVC.